The alternative to crime in society is apparently economic slavery.

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You’ve heard the saying, “crime doesn’t pay”. If you think about that, in an unfettered capitalist society like in America, crime often does pay. And in some cases, it pays very well.

I’m not going to teach you which crimes pay, or how to get into organized crime. I might…

The Profits over People design, that’s demanded by American Capitalism, has created a culture of unsustainably fragile business models that break very easily.

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The way businesses do business in the United States over the last 20+ years has led to economic fragility. Everywhere you look you see problems with supply chains and short staffed businesses.

  • How many times have you had to wait in a line for one cashier when you can see…

The unwitting leeches, preoccupied with greed, who suck the life out of everyone and everything are behind why we can’t have nice things

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Profits from Poverty

Some people in the United States subconsciously believe the country needs desperate and starving poor people to beg for any work available. Even horrible undignified work that doesn’t raise them out of poverty.

And when those poor people get help from the government, these greedy tyrants get all upset that…

It’s ‘just get a better job’ until people actually go get a better job.

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More than 11 million people quit their jobs in April, May and June, according to Businesses are screaming “lazy” all over the place as a result. …

Solutions have become a luxury few will ever realize during their lifetime — unless society changes dramatically.

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The American bourgeois insist the proletariat provide detailed solutions before they air their grievances. The affluent aristocracy wouldn’t dare give permission for us peasants to grumble and complain about our working or living conditions. The systems we live in are, by design, intended to put any naysayers through a daunting…

Labor Day celebrates that brief period in time when we realized people were being treated like shit for profits and we did something about it.

Illustration courtesy of Will Santino — check out his work!

Today, we trade our precious time merely to survive a miserably undignified life. We incrementally sell ourselves to capitalist endeavors forfeiting our most valuable life-supporting things; health, our friends and families, and our sanity for the artificial economic constructs that demand payments that never end.

Labor Day used to be…

They shocked my heart in the hospital a few hours ago to return my heartbeat to a normal rhythm from Afib.

That’s me in the ER a month ago when my Afib wouldn’t naturally cardiovert. Photo by Erik Blair

When I am nervous I tend to use humor to ease the tension. And I was in full patient-clown mode in the outpatient area prior to my procedure. The nurses all had a great sense of humor and they played along.

About a month ago, I was in Washington visiting…

The journey is everything! Driving into the unknown is an adventure of discovery along the backroads and highways wherever the road takes you.

Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Erik Blair

The rhythmic kerthump kerthump kerthump as the highway seams impact the tires at a certain speed can be meditative. Even contemplative. The Sensory Experience is often fleeting…

Holding the country, the government, police and the military accountable for decades of systemic injustice and corruption

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The United States is broken. The shards of democracy lay in the streets from Main Street to Wall Street. The damage to the people amounts to trillions of dollars lost. A tragedy of epic economic proportions trickled up to the wealthy leaving the population broke and struggling in a perpetual…

Road trips are filled with lots of random little things that make you smile, cry, laugh, or sigh. Celebrate them.

One night, just outside of Hurricane, Utah, I stayed the night on this plateau type of hill

After being isolated in one place with limited human contact for more than a year, you consider escaping regardless of the risks involved. It was a very difficult time to…

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