A better, highly contagious, viral expletive you’ll swear is brand new and improved with special emphasis, durability, broad acceptance, and longevity.

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Moderating or limiting engagement with others on Facebook is not Cancel Culture. It’s personal preference and accountability.

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Facebook isn’t the only source of free speech or information

The agreement between “We The People” and the United States of America is null and void.

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My experience watching Nomadland from the perspective of a 55-year-old guy who lives in a van.

Nomadland | Photo Credit: wikipedi — https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nomadland_film.png

The Year When Everything & Everyone Abruptly Changed, Forever

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2020, the year that #Fuck2020 trended more than #FuckCancer

A carefully curated collection of movies that’ll make you ugly cry, make up, make out, and make Love in the time of Covid-19

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The magnificence of our mystical mashup of misguided mishaps, miserable mistakes, and myopic meanderings in our massive macrocosm of measureless microcosms

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Notable Find: an Unrivaled French-Polynesian Residence on a Private Island in the South Pacific

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An Entire Tropical Island All To Yourself…

Exclusive properties, signature getaways, and secluded sanctuaries in the most breathtaking locations around the world — that you can buy!

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Dream Homes & Incredible Hideaways Abound

It comes down to moral deal breakers and the ability to grasp basic facts and reason

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Erik Blair

Finding people, places and experiences that warm your heart, wake your mind, and move your spirit

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