Alternative Housing & Lifestyle Options for the Coming Collapse

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Erik Blair
14 min readAug 1, 2022


Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

Now that the SHIT has hit the fan, WTF are we going to do to survive?

Wait, what? Yes, the proverbial shite has hit the fan all over the world. The media just isn’t admitting it. The governments of the world are doing their best to limit how much we know about it.

It’s now a reality that housing is completely unaffordable for the majority of people in the world, especially in what used to be seen as the most prosperous bastions of wealth, freedom, and democracy.

All that was bullshit, but hey, most people bought the lies and many still do. But let’s focus on the lucky few people who are reading this right now.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the fortunate folks who might have a chance to make it through the difficulties that are coming soon, or may already be here depending on where you are.

Let’s get something straight right away…

Most people are fucked!

But for some, you might be able to eek out a living and survive the struggle that we’re all forced to endure over the course of the next 10–20 years.

The lifestyles of most western countries will be upended and fall into chaos because of all sorts of reasons. The media will lie and the government will misinform the public about it all. But the truth is our unsustainable unfettered economic systems have been undermining everything everywhere.

Many in power who had influence and could have done something decades ago — didn’t. They focused on isolating themselves, preparing for their disconnection from the rest of us, and setting themselves up in the best ways they knew possible to protect their interests from the negative effects of what they have done.

The rest of us are going to have to find ways to survive on our own. Traditional housing (renting and buying houses and apartments) will no longer be affordable for the bottom 50% of the public. That’s an enormous number when you…