America, A Circus of Absurdities, A Carnival of Contradictions

We’re All Stuck Riding a Wild Roller Coaster with Carnies, Contortionists, and Clowns in Funhouse USA

Erik Blair
9 min readMay 31

Stepping into the circus tent as a child, you were greeted by a menagerie of prancing performers and sequined stars, a world meticulously crafted to elicit wide-eyed wonder.

Today, as adults, we find ourselves thrust into another grand spectacle, only now the ringmaster dons a business suit, the acrobats trade their leotards for legislative bills, and the once-eager audience has become a nation of misfits and carnies.

This is the circus of modern politics, a three-ring spectacle held thrice daily — social media at high noon, prime time roundtables, and late-night satirical news sketches that tiptoe the line between comedy and truth.

Remember the jovial clown whose slapstick antics kept you enthralled? Look closer, and you’ll spot his modern counterpart. He no longer sports a red nose or oversized shoes but hides behind slick speeches and campaign promises. His humor now replaced by crafty rhetoric, he dances around issues, twisting facts into balloon animals and then offering them to the people, a trade of laughter for belief.

Oh, how I yearn for simpler times, when all I saw was a hardworking individual beneath the makeup, merely trying to earn a living.

Once upon a time, a clown was simply a clown. Nowadays, they could very well end up becoming the president.

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

Just as the dazzling high-wire artist dared to tiptoe along her thin line, so too does the government balance atop the narrow edge of public favor and private interests. Their gravity-defying acts of diplomacy and policy-making are just as precarious as any trapeze routine. Will they land comfortably on the cushioned throne of incumbency, or are they indifferent to the stony ground of public discontent?

Then there was the ringmaster, the charismatic maestro conducting the chaos. Today, his top hat and tailcoat have been swapped for power ties and…

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