America is a Hoax, Inside a House of Cards, Wrapped in a Pyramid Scheme

Corporatocracy, Orwellian, and Kafkaesque are words that accurately describe the practices, systems and features of postmodern United States

Erik Blair
16 min readJul 28, 2022

Photo by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash

Some may read this and experience a lethal dose of reality. These words are nothing more than witness testimony; the gospel according to the great unwashed. However, it’s purpose is two fold. First, this is a proudly displayed middle finger to the Corporatocracy! And secondly, it’s a collection of explanations about our collective circumstances that can easily be inferred and shared.

Let’s face it. America is an Orwellian society, with an Ayn-Randian labor market, that experiences artificial housing and food scarcity brought on by Neoliberalism, with an unjust authoritarian Police State, and a powerful corporate sponsored Kafkaesque economic system that siphons wealth incrementally from every crack, crevasse, nook, and cranny and funnels it all away from the majority of people to a select few who hoard it and use it as leverage to perpetuate the whole scheme endlessly throughout time.

Most of what we were taught by the education system, the media, our communities, and in most cases, our parents was a lie. Several of the main concepts in the United States are just hoaxes perpetuated year after year with all manner of circular logic wrapping it up like a clever Ponzi Scheme.

If you’re reading this, you’ve never met anyone at the top of the pyramid scheme in America. You might have heard rumors, but it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve ever met or even seen in-person the few people who are in power today.

But you know they exist.

Most US Citizens unwittingly have a form of Stockholm syndrome towards an economic system that’s held them hostage all their lives. They know something is wrong, but they never attempt to pinpoint it, much less address it. Their instincts tell them there’s a problem and, in some cases even where to look, but most are culturally conditioned to ignore the real cause and effect that’s contributing to the demise of humanity. It’s not mass hysteria — it’s mass cognitive dissonance.


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