Biden is Won! W̶a̶r̶r̶e̶n̶, B̶u̶t̶t̶i̶g̶i̶e̶g̶, K̶l̶o̶b̶u̶c̶h̶a̶r̶ are out as the Establishment’s 2020 Darling!

The DNC desperately seeks a candidate to defeat Bernie Sanders for the nomination (no, not to beat Trump — to defeat Bernie)

*Update 11/13/2029

Biden won the election.

*Update May 19, 2020

Biden is the apparent nominee, and the polls show Trump beating Biden in battleground states (as progressives warned establishment democrats would happen if they pushed Biden instead of Bernie). Sadly, 22 fairly decent candidates started this race last year, and we’re left with Biden who is shaky at best, and it’s anybody’s race because there’s no data saying Biden will certainly win.

*Update March 2, 2020: Day Before Super Tuesday*

Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out just in the nick of time for Biden. The DNC strategy is unfolding. Now that both of those candidates, who were handpicked by DNC operatives, are out, Biden will start to benefit because of their endorsements. Warren has already admitted that she intends to go all the way collecting as many delegates as she can so she can give those away to the establishment democrat of her choosing at the convention. So the race is down to Biden, Bloomberg, Warren, and Bernie.

The DNC hopes that enough people voted for Buttigieg and Klobuchar by mail in the Super Tuesday primaries to reduce Bernie’s delegate haul. They hope Warren brings in more than 15% on Super Tuesday to take all those delegates away from Bernie as well. The establishment’s plan to force a brokered convention is almost a guarantee at this point.

*Update January 31, 2020*

Clearly, the Democratic Party elites are desperate to find a candidate they can control that will be able to stand up to the incredibly successful campaign that Bernie Sanders is running. They’re so desperate now they’re resorting to all-out attacks against Bernie that have long been debunked. Their hope is to fool low-information voters that Biden or anyone is better than Bernie. The only way the DNC could go any lower is if they started campaigning for Donald Trump himself. And they probably have already started to consider that.

* Update: January 4, 2020 *

The DNC is desperately searching for a centrist candidate — any candidate — that they hope will be able to defeat Bernie Sanders for the nomination. So far they’ve tried Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg to no avail. They inserted Bloomberg and dumped a shit-load of money to back him up, but that to seems to be failing. They’re desperate and considering all the dirty tricks they can muster because the one most important goal for the DNC in 2020 is making sure Bernie DOES NOT WIN the nomination (no matter what it takes). I am sure they’ve already looked at several scenarios to underhandedly rig the primary, and we already know they are working to create a ‘contested primary’ so they can use the superdelegates to pick their corporate candidate instead of Bernie.

* Update: December 28, 2019 *

Oops! It looks like the DNC’s backroom dealings, rigging committees, and their ongoing anti-Bernie campaigns are backfiring on them. Warren is dropping dramatically, and Biden is losing ground across the board. Bernie, on the other hand, is getting the attention of the media (even those channels that are in the pocket of the DNC). It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Bernie (and America, if Bernie gets the nomination).

** Update: December 11,2019**

Looks like Warren has fallen from the good graces of Hillar… I mean the DNC. Ever since Hillary and Warren appeared to have some kind of falling out, Warren has been dropping in the polls and the news articles coming out have been less flowery and fewer in number. Meanwhile, the “official” political polling machine has returned to the all-Biden-all-the-time mantra. Despite Biden’s lack of any kind of momentum and complete lack of any good press or positive movement in his campaign, Biden seems to have soared to the top of the polls once again (for no apparent reason). There’s no link between the poll results and the political reality that we live in. All of the indicators that a rational person would look at to determine a candidate’s success have shown that Biden is in rapid decline, yet the polls still show his apparent rise from the dead. At the same time, the incredible growth of Bernie’s army of volunteers, the historic number of individual donors and the massive political war chest that Bernie’s campaign has amassed is a strong statement suggesting that the official polling in the US is merely a propaganda-laden disinformation bureau designed to force a pro-corporate agenda down the throats of Americans by lying daily.

** Update: November 19, 2019 **

Something happened between Hillary and Warren just as Warren was reaching “Frontrunner” status with the left-wing DNC propaganda media outlets. Earlier this month Hillary Clinton came out indirectly against Warren’s platform for Medicare For All by saying, “Medicare for all” plan is unrealistic. Hillary went on to say, “The smarter approach is to build on what we have”. Up until then, Hillary seemed to be a big player in Warren’s camp behind the scenes. And just like that Warren started to drop in the polls and articles about her Medicare For All plans started receiving negative press. It’s amazing the power that the establishment elites have artificially influencing polls and politics despite the facts and actual data.

Almost overnight Warren seemed to fall from the good graces of the elites and suddenly, Biden was briefly back in play. But even then Biden couldn’t gain any steam. Then came the “Hillary is being pressured to run” stories. The entire progressive voting base let out a unanimous and simultaneous sigh that felt like a major disturbance in the force. The notion that Hillary might run in 2020 is seen by most rational people as a guarantee that Trump will win another term.

The DNC’s Plan A was Biden vs Bernie

Once upon a time, the DNC pulled out all the stops and placed Biden center-stage at every debate. This DNC fairytale began with the media extensively covering Biden and ignoring his most feared adversary, Bernie Sanders (no, not Trump). We all know the media loves Trump. The media gives Trump 24/7 coverage. But the media’s treatment of Biden’s worst enemy (and the perceived enemy of the DNC, Wall Street, etc) Bernie Sanders is to ignore him completely. The media has spent less than a percentage point of time on Bernie compared to their golden child — Biden (or Trump) since Bernie announced his 2020 run. But then something happened.

Biden gaffed far too much and didn’t have the momentum the DNC hoped for. Biden’s performance at rallies and debates has proven he’s unfit for office — any office. And although the DNC has been artificially propping up Biden as the coming messiah for several months before he announced he was running, Biden has had zero momentum and nearly zero support at rallies. Most of Biden’s popularity came from contrived sources and the fond memories of the Obama administration. Biden himself far too often touts Obama’s accomplishments as his own. The DNC watched as Biden dropped in the polls, even the phony ones where most of the respondents were rich, white and older than 50. But the DNC (and the DCCC and DSCC) learned long ago to have a Plan B just in case.

The DNC isn’t the Party of the People anymore

The DNC wanted to nominate a controllable, pro-corporate candidate that isn’t afraid to shill for their pro-corporate agenda. Biden was a textbook candidate for the establishment democratic party. But Biden has failed 3 times before to run for the office of the President, so the DNC already had a plan B ready. That Plan B, like Plan A, is a candidate willing to “fix” the DNC’s past agenda items that didn’t work out exactly as planned during the Clinton and Obama era. Plan A and B were specifically designed to defeat a “populist” candidate (namely Bernie) thus ensuring the DNC’s pro-corporate agenda would continue instead of real change (which is what progressives want).

Part of the DNC’s master plan was to recruit as many candidates as possible to dilute the primary with candidates that could take away momentum from Bernie. They selected Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Pete Buttigieg to draw away support for Bernie in Texas, New Jersey, California, and Indiana (and others). Those are huge key states in the primary race. And the DNC knows this. They sent out the DNC elites to recruit early on. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer met with Buttigieg on more than one occasion. Obama met with Beto before he announced. Both Booker and Harris met with DNC elites and representatives from Wall Street before they decided to run. And apparently, Hillary has been behind the scenes with Warren for months. The DNC isn’t the party of the people, but we can bring them around progressively.

Warren is a capitalist (Hillary-Lite)

Warren doesn’t try to hide the fact that she isn’t as progressive as many think she is. She has said many times, “I believe in markets”, and, “I am a capitalist to my bones”. Of course, many people point to Warren’s numerous policy positions that seem to align with Bernie’s, but that’s only a recent development to Warren’s stance on the important issues in America. It is well known that Bernie has been fighting for the people for more than 35 years, and his policies have been consistent all along. Warren is new to progressive politics compared to Bernie. She’s copied and supported most of Bernie’s top progressive policy positions in recent years. The most important thing to progressive voters, however, is how she plans to accomplish progressive agendas. And if you glean anything from Elizabeth Warren herself, it is that she is different than Bernie Sanders — because she believes in markets, and, is a capitalist to her bones. This means Warren, as President, will be working to “fix” the liberal policies that went “off course” or awry during the Clinton and Obama era, not to change the economic foundations of America, as Bernie Sanders intends to accomplish.

There’s nothing wrong with capitalism per se but from a progressive point of view unfettered capitalism needs to be put into serious check, not the Hillary-lite approach that many see as Warren’s approach. As far as the DNC elite are concerned, Warren is the next best thing to Biden.

Warren is in, Biden is out

As the DNC slowly puts Biden out to pasture, they are working their in-their-pocket polling agencies, publishing propaganda through trusted pro-DNC sources, and working behind the scenes to implement their agenda to prevent Bernie from the nomination (not to defeat Trump).

It’s no secret that the DNC hates Bernie Sanders more than Trump. An objective and honest look at the history of the DNC and establishment democrats (DSCC, DCCC, et al) over the last 3–4 years reveals an ongoing, systemic but consistently reckless, effort to defeat Bernie at every level on every issue — no matter the cost. Even if that effort helps to elect Trump (again). It’s a fact that many establishment democrats fail to accept, and instead, they illogically claim the opposite despite the evidence proving they are incorrect.

Flashback to Bernie’s announcement for his 2020 run, and you’ll note that the DNC-driven polling machines churned out endless polls supposedly showing that a ‘believable’ polling sample of would-be voters want Joe Biden for President. Never mind that he wasn’t even running for office at the time. In fact, for several months before Biden announced his run the polls doubled-down on the pro-Biden facade by suggesting Biden was the presumptive “Frontrunner” for the Democratic Party (who wasn’t even running). And the press ate that shit up like a feast at a Fourth of July picnic — complete with fireworks, parades, and red, white and blue banners everywhere (especially white ones). Remember, Biden wasn’t actually running for office, and Bernie, well, the media ignored him completely unless they had something bad to make up about him. For example, they had numerous articles saying Bernie was too old to run, but those stopped as soon as Biden announced because it’s ok to be old now that Biden was the “frontrunner”. The anti-Bernie media attacks and the lack of support from the DNC were painfully obvious. The hate-Bernie establishment democrats and DNC elites have been working to undermine Bernie since 2015 — that never stopped once Hillary was nominated in 2016.

The DNC’s Plan B is Warren vs Bernie 24/7

In June of 2016, Warren endorsed Hillary for President, instead of her long-time ally and fellow progressive in the Senate, Bernie Sanders. This sent a message to progressives that Warren was closer to an establishment democrat than a progressive. That also solidified support for Warren with the DNC.

Progressives were reminded of Warren’s true nature during President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, when he said, [America] “will never be a socialist country”. When Warren stood and applauded Trump’s remarks, that didn’t sit well with authentic progressive voters. And a couple of days later, on February 9, 2019, Warren officially announced her run at a rally in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Fast-forward to September 2019. The DNC trusts Warren because of her alignment with their goals and agenda, and Warren’s endorsement of Hillary. Biden is fizzling out fast. Warren is popular with both establishment democrats and most progressives. Warren does fairly well in all the debates and is polling good and she’s collecting donations better than many. Even I like to hear Warren discuss corporate corruption.

To see how blatantly pro-DNC biased the media is you can take one recent viral story that came out this week. It said Warren drew a record-breaking crowd of 20,000 people at Washington Square Park. That story went viral among all the ‘left-media’ outlets. Go back 2 years to Bernie’s rally at that exact location and the official count was 27,000 people in attendance. But the media was silent. No viral sharing, no grandiose fanfare. Nada. In fact, the park service that did the counting of Bernie’s rally of two years ago said the official count of 27,000 was just those people in the park. There were many people crammed into side streets overflowing beyond the park, and even on several stories of nearby buildings. Some event organizers estimated the crowd to be closer to 100,000 people. Again, the media was silent about Bernie’s 100,000 in attendance at the same place. That’s a huge clue as to the motives of the media and the DNC.

Warren is different than Bernie, especially in the eyes of the DNC elite. She’s open to Hillary’s counsel and willing to ‘fix’ past DNC policies instead of throwing them out and starting over. She’s capable of beating Bernie if the DNC can undermine him as they did in 2016, and Warren would not have the same fleeing independent and progressive voters that Hillary had. The establishment DNC is convinced that progressives would vote for Warren over Trump. Therefore, they don’t mind hyping Warren at every chance and working against Bernie to ensure the primary has “no clear winner”.

Brainwashing Low-Information Democrats

Now anyone can see the media’s pro-DNC alliance by the unexplained switch from Biden to Warren while they ignore Bernie. If they pay attention. It is no surprise to most progressives that the establishment DNC thrives on Low-Information Voters. It’s the favorite tactic of DNC operatives in the media (just like their counterparts at Fox News). As I mentioned earlier, the DNC is reckless in their efforts to accomplish their goals, and I have even observed them using republican talking points to push their corporate agenda. For example, the left media often uses the “but Bernie is a socialist” mantra from the right. The whole ‘socialist’ nonsense is an intentional quagmire that ensures a neverending debate on the definition. Read more on the “socialist” BS here:

Let’s face it… the 2016 primary was a debacle for democrats. It is casually known as the beginning of the end of the Democratic Party according to many. The political conditioning that took place back then was nearly 99% anti-Bernie and anti-progressives. There was a lot of interference from deceptive and nefarious sources at home and abroad, but suffice it to say that most liberals would rather have a do-over. The division between progressives and establishment democrats is still hanging over the 2020 primary, and nobody is happy about that. The worst part is the mistrust. Most pro-Hillary Democrats have bought the anti-Bernie rhetoric and lies, and have taken up the #NeverBernie war banner. By contrast, progressives are quick to point out that Biden smells like Hillary 2.0. The divisions are far worse if you read the comments on social media. And we’re not talking about the left vs right division — we’re talking about democrats vs democrats.

The Democratic National Committee is Corrupt

Progressives don’t trust the DNC, and for good reason. If you just look at the facts, the DNC is doing more harm than good in recent years. Without going into great detail, the DNC is in the business of re-electing loyal members of the democratic party. Their goal is to continue their agenda which, for the last 40 years, has been to help corporations gain more control, reduce regulations, and pay fewer taxes. You can pretend that’s not true if it makes you feel better. But those are facts. The DNC wants you to think they’ve been hard at work for the people, but when you research the history of congress from 1976 till 2018, you will discover many instances where Democrats could have stood strong but faltered; where they could have passed sweeping legislation but failed. The DNC has even come out admitting that they helped Hillary over Bernie in 2016 because Bernie was an outsider. That says more than you think. It means the DNC doesn’t intend to represent the people.

Damn, what do we do now?

To sum it all up, we have these points to consider:

  1. The often villainous DNC continues to operate recklessly to defeat Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primary.
  2. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal, even if that means lying to you, and cheating where possible.
  3. They’re less concerned with defeating Trump than destroying Bernie.
  4. Biden’s campaign was doomed from the start, despite all efforts.
  5. Bernie is running strong and progressives are holding their ground.
  6. Warren polls well with Biden out of the picture.
  7. The DNC sees Warren as a viable alternative to Biden.
  8. The Media has recently switched from daily pro-Biden pieces to an onslaught of pro-Warren articles.
  9. Progressives see Warren as a good candidate (nearly as good as Bernie).
  10. If the DNC continues to hammer Bernie with BS polls and promote Warren like they did Hillary, then Warren may win over half the progressives and nearly all establishment democrats just in time for the primary vote.
  11. The secret agenda of the DNC is to make certain that the primary vote of the people turns out “no clear winner” or a “contested convention”.
  12. If there is no clear winner in the primary, the DNC elite get to use their hand-picked delegates to select the primary winner (Warren).

So what do we do? Well, that depends. If you believe in democracy, elections, and fairness, then I would donate directly to the candidate you want for president. Donating to the DNC is certain to fall into the wrong hands. You could support your candidate and stay educated about the issues. Continue being vigilant and call out lies and propaganda where you see it. Demand media fairness and that they cover all the candidates, not just the DNC favorite. Hold the DNC accountable for their inaction on the issues and the history of failing the people. Demand they fix the primary and stop pushing corporate candidates on the people. The DNC can and should get money out of politics, and they should stop letting corporations write bills or lobby congress. Make them!

Right now this is a primary. So focus on the primary. The DNC wants you to ignore that and pretend the only important thing is to “vote blue no matter who” (while they rig the primary for their corporate candidate). Don’t fall for that. It’s the primary dammit! Demand fair and equal time and coverage by the media. Be wary of propaganda and speak out against it. You are going to see the media’s interest in Warren increase dramatically. She’ll be doing to talk show circuit all over again as if she was a brand new candidate coming out of nowhere — because the DNC is now backing her 100%. You watch.

The DNC and the Media hides the truth about Warren

Warren was a Big-Money Candidate for Senate, and she’s a Big-Money Candidate for President now. Warren has recently admitted that her fundraising efforts have been mimicking Bernie Sanders’ no-PAC, no corporate donor pledge, but she admits that’s just for the primary. After that, she’s 100% going full speed ahead with PACs and corporate donors if she wins the primary. But the media portrays Warren as “just as corporate-free as Bernie” despite the truth that a large percentage of her current campaign war chest is from corporate donors (as this image illustrates):

Don’t be fooled by the DNC’s tactics or rhetoric. See it for what it is.

But most of all, don’t fall into the trap of sharing propaganda that sounds just like DNC or GOP talking points. Try not to be divisive and instead focus on what’s best for the country. If we are all looking to make the country a better place for all of us, and we don’t want Trump to win another term, than we need to focus on the candidate we think is best for significant change, not incremental fixes. We need a non-corporate interest candidate that knows markets should have limits. Someone who isn’t afraid to face corporations and pass sweeping legislation that will be less capitalist and perhaps a bit more socialist in nature. We need to ignore the rhetoric and stick to the facts. Don’t fall into the hate-Bernie or destroy Warren crowd.

After all, it’s not about you or me, it’s about all of us. Together.

** Update 11/19/2019: something happened in the secret backdoor dealings with Hillary Clinton that has led to Warren not being artificially propped up like she has been when stories leaked that Hillary was working with her campaign behind the scenes. Apparently the political romance between the two is over.

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