But, But, But… Bernie isn’t a Democrat!

An open letter to traditional establishment Democrats from Progressives

Dear Establishment Democrats,

We’re directing this letter to you traditional, centrist, pro-corporate, pro-Hillary, establishment Democrats because you’ve set yourself apart from the rest of us. You continue to sow division and you continue to regurgitate centrist talking points. Going on 3-years now, you have insisted on belaboring the 2020 primary with your tired old debunked and irrelevant 2016 propaganda.

We have heard several of the anti-Bernie talking points repeated so often we can recite them verbatim whilst juggling, chewing gum, and peddling a unicycle on a tightrope with our eyes closed and one hand tied behind our backs.

But the most significantly cringe-worthy one we’ve heard many establishment Democrats use in an attempt at an attack Bernie Sanders is the claim…

“Bernie isn’t a democrat!”

That specific talking point is often used by elitist low-information Democrats to suggest he’s not worthy and should not be the nominee of the Democratic Party.

It’s also the lamest attempt at attacking Bernie in the political history of the United States of America.

The “but but but Bernie isn’t a Democrat” argument is derived from left-wing elitist corporate agenda talking points and is by far the most moronic, most ignorant statement by any Democrat ever.

But seriously, Thank You!

Unbeknownst to you traditional thick-skulled, thin-skinned, establishment Democrats, saying Bernie isn’t a Democrat is a huge fucking compliment to Bernie and all Bernie supporters. Yuuuge!

We really appreciate that you recognize Bernie Sanders IS NOT a traditional democrat neoliberal schmuck who has been helping to rig primaries, falsely attacking progressive ideas, sucking up to corporate interests, and generally ruining the country since the mid-70s.

You are correct, Bernie isn’t an establishment Democrat, because being an official, card-carrying establishment “democrat” basically means “ignorant corporate sellout” that’s willing to go against their own best interests, the interests of the people, and of the country, to help rich white corporate elites ruin America and our kid's futures — at all costs. Even if that helps Trump win another term.

So, let us progressives say to you establishment democrats loud and clear…

Thank you for constantly repeating the high compliment, “Bernie’s not a Democrat”. It’s such a huge honor to be recognized for standing out from the disgusting swamp that is the establishment Democratic Party of today.

— Progressives

“I do not think that claim, ‘Bernie’s not a Democrat’ means what you think it means” — Inigo Montoya

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