Democrats Had Their Chance and Utterly Blew it!

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

“In an interview with NPR, Vice President Kamala Harris said abortion-rights supporters need to channel their disappointment into political action ahead of the November midterm elections.”

No — No — No KAMALA! That’s not the way it fucking works!

We already did take action when we elected democrats into control of both houses and the presidency. But you blew it and did nothing.

You completely wasted almost 2 entire years pretending your hands were tied. Now that the midterms are upon us; suddenly it’s once again dumped into our lap that we simply haven’t done enough.

You had your chance to Codify Roe v Wade over the last 40 years. You had your chance to take bold action on healthcare, gun control, student debt relief, social progress, climate change, voter rights, and raising minimum wage. You did nothing but talk, whine, complain, blame, make excuses, and ask for donations.

Hey Democratic National Committee — lose my fucking number! I’m not donating or voting for any moderate/centrist/corporate democrats unless or until they actually accomplish bold things fast.

Stop sending me donation requests or telling me it’s my responsibility to vote for yet another can kicker who is poised to kick the can down the road until the next election, and the next, and the next…

The Democratic Party is SOOOOO LAME they don’t even know how to organize a movement anymore. Republicans are SHOCKED at the lack of a significant response by Democrats to Roe v Wade being dismantled.

No major protests. No political upheaval. No crisis of democracy. Nada. No accountability. No Action. Ziltch.

But the fucking FUNDRAISING Arm of the Democratic Party is in FULL SWING launching a massive barrage of social media posts, email campaigns, frenzied talk show appearances — all geared towards re-electing more establishment democrats to, well, do nothing like they have been.

The party is SOOOO Damn Desperate they’re bringing out their poster child Hillary Clinton to influence the big corporate donors to open their coin purses and drop some massive coin into the DNC/DCCC coffers before the midterms. Some are even saying Hillary might run in 2024.

Good Grief WTF!!! I shit you not — Hillary of all people!

It’s a fucking disaster! It’s like they are desperately trying to help republicans gain control of both houses AND the presidency.

Seriously, it’s the worst idea at this moment in time, when the polls show historic disapproval of the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court, to inject Hillary into the fray.

Imagine the incredible amount of stupidity it takes to even consider floating Hillary Clinton for President in today’s political climate. It’s not only fucking insane, it’s a guarantee the GOP will win by a landslide.

Maybe corporations are convincing duped establishment democrats to run Hillary in 2024 so they can get another republican president.

Shocking epic level of stupidity.

We elected democrats in 2016, 2018, and 2020 to represent us on all these issues; Roe v Wade, Gun Control, Social Progress, Voting Rights, improved Healthcare, and Student Loan Forgiveness. But as soon as the democrats got elected, they started making excuses and doing nothing.

Our collective disappointment isn’t just directed at SCOTUS or Republicans. It’s pointed first and foremost at the democrats we elected into office.

You don’t get the privilege to tell us to continue voting for you after you have refused to do what you promised in the first place.

Do your fucking job and then we might consider donating or voting AFTER we see progress on what you promised.



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Erik Blair

Erik Blair

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