Democrats: Manufactured Consent & Their Vote of Confidence in a Broken System

Dropping a bunch of truth bombs that are relevant this week!

Erik Blair
6 min readDec 5, 2022


First things first, just because republicans are worse doesn’t mean democrats are acceptable. We don’t strive to achieve second to last place. We should not seek to be the lesser evil in elections.

So when you are reading this — whatever you do — don’t try to pretend democrats are acceptable or their performance has been satisfactory just because they are slightly less evil or they do fewer bad things than republicans.

AND, do not fall into the trap of thinking democrats are far better than republicans. They aren’t by any stretch of the imagination.

What follows are things to consider.

Democrat #1: Hey Jim, you voting for Sam this election?

Democrat #2: Yes, he clubs fewer baby seals than the republican candidate who clubbed 2 seals more than Sam last year.

Dem #1: Yup, me too. I’m voting for democrats down the ballot this year because they are limiting how many people corporations are allowed to murder to 1,000 fewer than republicans.

Dem #2: Me too! It feels great to actually have the freedom to vote for who we want. The democrats represent us so well by killing 2% fewer people and clubbing a couple fewer baby seals every year.

Yay democracy!

The False Heroes

I’ve noticed some people posting on social media what they claim are Biden’s accomplishments in the last two years. Then they list a bunch of stuff that hasn’t happened and the stuff that has Biden had nothing to do with.

Really people! Get a fucking clue! Your Biden worship is showing how ignorant you are.

You want to vote for democrats over republicans — go for it. But don’t lie about the accomplishments of democrats.

Democrats have resided over just as many failures as republicans, and they’ve screwed over the people just as much as well.

Don’t gaslight the rest of us with your claims of good intentions and half measures.