Facebook commenting isn’t a guarantee of free speech. Blocking isn’t “Cancel Culture”.

Moderating or limiting engagement with others on Facebook is not Cancel Culture. It’s personal preference and accountability.

Let’s get a few things strait about Facebook and cancel culture.

Facebook is just a ‘digital community’ organized and accessed via an app or website. It’s not life. The reality is that Facebook sells you as their “product” to advertisers. That’s why it’s free (for now).

You can limit your online exposure to suit your needs. It’s not “cancel culture” if you elect not to participate or to curate your friends list. In fact, blocking, moderating and curating your own Facebook experience is outlined in the Facebook community standards. They encourage you to curate your experience. They depend on it.

Facebook isn’t the only source of free speech or information

Most intelligent people get their information from multiple sources and their engagement in life and politics isn’t limited to Facebook, or any single source for that matter. Not having a Facebook account or managing your following on any social channel is not “cancel culture”. It’s normal to focus on what works and to mitigate that which detracts from your own experience.

If you don’t surround myself with toxic people why welcome them into your life on Facebook either?

Over the years I have carefully weeded out toxic people, Neanderthals, Trump supporters, and those who are ignorant of their own realities from my Facebook following. It’s worked wonders for me, my mental health, and my enjoyment of Facebook and other social channels.

This year I plan continue the process of reducing the impact of ignorant people from my online experience. My focus this year will be to weed out those who perpetuate the propaganda of establishment democrats.

We can’t afford to do the same as we’ve done for the last 40+ years

Establishment democrats perpetuate a political system that has failed the people over the last 50 years. Most of them believe the DNC propaganda and don’t realize how ignorant to reality they are. I don’t have the time, inclination or energy to educate them all, and they are more of an obstacle to progress than I can tolerate.

Some will claim that they don’t want to close the doors to those people so that those people will be enlightened to higher purposes. And my response to this is that if the last 50 years of history hasn’t already done that, then my participation isn’t going to bring them into the light. My purpose isn’t to waste time on those who live with cognitive dissonance. There are plenty of others out there that are better suited for such a mission in life.

If you read this and think “cancel culture” instead of “accountability culture” then you’re mistaken. Cancel culture is a myth perpetuated by folks who feel left out based on their biased, selfish agendas. Blocking or deleting comments on Facebook is not censorship or cancel culture. Those people have many avenues to express their right to free speech other than Facebook.

Cultivating Like-Minded Community

I choose to limit my exposure to ignorant views. For example, if you think voting for the lesser of two evils instead of the best candidate every election, year after year, is working to make the country a better place for most Americans, then you’re part of the problem. Our political system has failed the people, failed the country, failed the economy and failed the environment.

I choose to limit my exposure to people who can’t grasp the reality of our American political experience.

Liberalism and conservatism are merely political ideologies. The democrats and republicans are primarily designed to elect members of their parties, not to further the goals of the people. The two parties only pretend to adhere to ideologies. Ideologies focus on issues while political parties focus on elections. If you don’t understand that, then you are who I am talking about when I say “establishment democrat” or “establishment republican”.

Actions speak louder than words

Progressivism is an ideology. Progressives are issue oriented and want to focus on progress and change for the better on the issues regardless of the political positions of the politician. Thus, my Facebook community is more progressive because I find that community to be smarter, more in tune with reality.

Kicking the can down the road another 4 to 8 years is not acceptable. We simply don’t have time to pretend we can survive climate change, or a slow incremental economy, or limited healthcare, etc. We can’t afford NOT to boldly address healthcare and our failed economics immediately. If you think democracy works slowly, you are the problem. Therefore, I choose to limit my Facebook friends to those who realize this.

Facebook is just a social platform. It’s not a person’s complete reality. If a person limits, blocks or moderates others on their Facebook following or pages, that’s totally acceptable and adheres to Facebooks community standards. It’s not censorship or cancel culture. It’s accountability, moderation, and personal or professional preference.

So if you are trolling around Facebook leaving politically driven biased comments intended to stir the pot, remember, your comments are subject to moderation and your access may be limited based on the whim of others. And that’s completely acceptable.

You want to express your political opinions without censorship? Write a Medium article like this one.

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