Facebook commenting isn’t a guarantee of free speech. Blocking isn’t “Cancel Culture”.

Moderating or limiting engagement with others on Facebook is not Cancel Culture. It’s personal preference and accountability.

Erik Blair
4 min readMar 6, 2021

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Let’s get a few things strait about Facebook and cancel culture.

Facebook is just a ‘digital community’ organized and accessed via an app or website. It’s not life. The reality is that Facebook sells you as their “product” to advertisers. That’s why it’s free (for now).

You can limit your online exposure to suit your needs. It’s not “cancel culture” if you elect not to participate or to curate your friends list. In fact, blocking, moderating and curating your own Facebook experience is outlined in the Facebook community standards. They encourage you to curate your experience. They depend on it.

Facebook isn’t the only source of free speech or information

Most intelligent people get their information from multiple sources and their engagement in life and politics isn’t limited to Facebook, or any single source for that matter. Not having a Facebook account or managing your following on any social channel is not “cancel culture”. It’s normal to focus on what works and to mitigate that which detracts from your own experience.

If you don’t surround myself with toxic people why welcome them into your life on Facebook either?

Over the years I have carefully weeded out toxic people, Neanderthals, Trump supporters, and those who are ignorant of their own realities from my Facebook following. It’s worked wonders for me, my mental health, and my enjoyment of Facebook and other social channels.

This year I plan continue the process of reducing the impact of ignorant people from my online experience. My focus this year will be to weed out those who perpetuate the propaganda of establishment democrats.

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