Help Wanted! Why doesn’t anyone want to work shitty jobs anymore?

It’s ‘just get a better job’ until people actually go get a better job.

Erik Blair
5 min readSep 14, 2021

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More than 11 million people quit their jobs in April, May and June, according to Businesses are screaming “lazy” all over the place as a result. But for years those same business owners, when confronted with complaints about working conditions and low pay, said “if you don’t like it, go find a better job!”’s article, “The Biggest Truth Most Leaders Misunderstand About ‘the Great Resignation’” explains how workers are burnt out, and are finally taking the advice they’ve been getting for years from stubborn business owners.

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The Help Wanted Crisis

You asked for it. You ‘savvy’ business owners who have been squeezing the life out of your employees for decades, while simultaneously telling them if they don’t like it — go find a better job! They’ve been listening. And now they’re gone because of bad managers, business practices that are bad for employees, and all manner of overworking and underpaying situations.

This has resulted in millions of businesses crying about not being able to find applicants. The Help Wanted signs are everywhere proving that millions are no longer begging for the shitty wage jobs that most businesses used to offer. Now those job applicants are demanding more. A lot more!

Very few business owners are saying “if you don’t like it go find a better job” these days. Wages for jobs have sharply increased across the country. All of a sudden, employers are increasing employee benefits, offering hiring bonuses, and adding all manner of perks for new hires. Just a couple years ago many of those same employers complained about not being able to offer any increases in pay or benefits. But now they’ve changed their tune. Miraculous!

It’s ‘just get a better job’ until your favorite fast food place closed at 7pm because ‘no one wants to work there’.

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