How To Make A Digital Living As A Web Developer (2023 and Beyond!)

You can earn a location-independent living by offering 3 related services that are in high demand

Erik Blair
22 min readApr 3, 2019

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This handy guide hopes to inspire you to learn more if you’re considering remote work, or you are interested in location-independent work. This guide shows you how you can create a modest recurring income by taking advantage of three proven ways to earn a self-employed living from just about anywhere with an internet connection. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

For those who already have experience working remotely or building websites, this guide hopes to show you a different, perhaps simpler way to increase your income and decrease your stress. But most of all, to improve your value to your clients.

If you’re new to this sort of thing, you will need to learn a few somewhat technical skills, sign up for some services, and then apply yourself in the form of actual work. This guide is NOT a complete step-by-step manual covering all aspects of web development. It is simply a guide to getting you started and inspiring you to look deeper and learn more. You will be introduced to tools, resources, tutorials, to jumpstart your learning process. Many people have done these things and have been successful at creating a decent income for themselves. You will need to commit some of your time every day to teach yourself the necessary skills and be able to do the tasks described in order to make your efforts pay off.

Why work as a Web Developer?

There are many kinds of web developers and web designers, web engineers, coders, and lots of specialists. The kind of web developer described herein is somebody who is self-employed and thus makes their own hours. This kind of work is appealing to people because of many reasons, but I enjoy most the freedom of this work. I can work from just about anywhere in the entire world as long as I can get internet access for a few hours every day or for a few full days a week. It’s flexible work that almost anyone can do from anywhere. That’s a huge plus for many people. For the most…

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