I read your article and thank you for your insight. But I’d like to say there’s more to the story.

I often say, “Hm, maybe that person is right? I should look into this.”
So I actually look into matters I am agnostic about. I do the research, observe the scholarly writings and peer-reviewed documents to identify the facts of the matter. There are times when those facts enlighten me to a different way of thinking (and I must accept that I was wrong), and times when those facts convince me of what I thought was true all along. And this is where I think your article doesn’t go far enough.

There are times when someone is wrong because of their ignorance of the facts. Could be me, could be you or anybody. We start with opinions and then move on to research and then to the facts. Saying someone is “dumb” in any case is an oversimplification. But to say that someone might be ignorant of the facts after you have exhausted the research and determined that the person’s theory isn’t true, well, that’s acceptable. It’s best to be honest and tell the truth: they’re not dumb, but they might be ignorant on the matter being discussed.

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