I remember September 12th

A Fleeting Unity: The Lost Spirit of September 12th

Erik Blair
2 min readSep 11, 2023


Wally Gobetz September 12, 2001 — The view on 9–12 from Hoboken’s Pier A.

I remember September 12th.

On the morning of September 12th, I remember everything feeling really different. It was like the whole world stopped and took a breath after the shock of 9/11.

The streets were quiet, the sky was empty, and for a little while, it felt like we all just got it — we were all on the same team, looking out for each other, just being Americans together.

It felt like, maybe for the first time, we could put aside our differences and be there for one another as friends.

But that feeling didn’t stick around. Soon enough, people were back to arguing, driving angrily, and being greedy. It seemed like everyone slipped back into their old habits, except for those who lost someone in the 2001 attack.

For a short time, it really felt like the United States was united, and losing that sense of togetherness has weighed on me ever since.

It’s sad, but it seems like we didn’t really learn from that time of coming together.

Now, people only really help each other out when there’s a big crisis, and even then, it seems like big companies just use those moments to make more money.

I really hope that, before it’s too late, we can find a way to come together again as one big community, without needing a disaster to push us to do it.

Until then, I will remember September 12th.

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