Little Donny Doesn’t Have Much of a Future in America. He’s Hopeless.

A Storybook Intro to Donny’s World: The Reality Kids Face Growing up in the United States Today

Erik Blair
3 min readNov 21, 2022


Little Donny’s parents don’t mislead or sugarcoat life. So Donny lives in a reality most older people didn’t experience. The other kids grew up thinking they could do anything and that nothing would hold them back.

Donny learns early on that he can’t be an astronaut because his family doesn’t have the money to lobby for him, to pay for college and to arrange all the ass-kissing it might take to get him into the space program.

Besides, Donny’s parents both work two jobs. They rarely get time to explore what Donny thinks or wants.

Donny finds out that he goes to school to learn what he’ll need to know in order to flip burgers or dig ditches after he gets out of the government mandated babysitting designed so his parents can both work two jobs.

Donny is a dreamer.

Most his dreams, like being an astronaut are stowed away because he knows it’s highly unlikely. One of his dreams is to be a productive person with a dignified life.

Now Donny is a drinker.

Later in life, Donny develops a drinking problem because he’s often out of work and the work he can find is demanding and demeaning.

When he was young he grew up thinking he’d be able to work and afford a good life. That dream was also cast into the fire.

As he becomes an adult, Donny notices so many poor people living in the streets he can’t understand how that happened.

This story jumps around because it’s kinda like Donny’s fucked up world where…