No, Your Parents’ Generation didn’t have it as Bad as it is Today!

Debunking the Myth: How Today’s Young Generation Faces Unprecedented Burdens Previous Generations Didn’t Have

Erik Blair
14 min readApr 13

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“when I was a kid I walked to school uphill in the snow both ways” — unknown

Setting the Record Straight

A prevalent misconception suggests that earlier generations endured more challenging times. While a few individuals indeed experienced hardships, the majority did not. This notion is difficult to accept for those who have internalized the cultural narrative that past generations suffered greatly.

This belief can be likened to the tale of Santa giving lumps of coal to misbehaving children — just a story wielded by the older generation to exert control over the younger, or to get them to behave better. The reality was that there was no Santa Claus.

The act of telling younger generations about the difficulties previous generations faced served the purpose of earning respect, boosting productivity, or persuading younger individuals to work harder, regardless of whether the approach was valid or not.

Historically, a small percentage of the population indeed faced extraordinary and unimaginable circumstances, resulting in valuable lessons from their experiences. However, a larger percentage remained relatively unscathed.

Today’s world differs significantly from the past. Information is now more accessible than ever, fostering a better understanding of societal norms, standards, and expectations. In contrast to the past, when people believed that perseverance and trust in the government would lead to societal improvement, young people today face a less optimistic outlook. They have access to updated information that paints a bleak picture of the current state of affairs, with no heroes, leaders, or institutions capable of rectifying the situation.

The sheer volume of crises, crimes, chaos, and corruption in today’s world is staggering compared to previous generations. The unprecedented scale of failures, broken promises, debt, limitations, and governmental stagnation further compounds these…

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