Renters should not be forced to Bail Out Landlords every year!

Just like consumers should not be forced to bail out businesses annually. It’s the system that’s broken, not the people.

Erik Blair
5 min readJul 14, 2022

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What started as a simple sharing of this tweet ended up being a lesson in how we’re divided by a broken system.

Herein, when I say “many” or “most” that’s obviously not “all”. Yes, there are lots of good landlords and good business owners too. The problem is when some people read anything that talks about landlords or business owners, they assume it’s about then specifically. It’s not necessarily about you!

Everybody is feeling the current Inflation except the rich

Inflation is caused by large corporate interests gouging markets for the sole purpose of profit — mainly shareholder profits.

Notoriously, most inflation costs get passed on to consumers rather than assumed as a cost of doing business. Business owners rarely cut their profits to keep from raising prices. If they do, other business owners will say they’re not doing it right.

Inflation is a cost of doing business. Inflation is the result of the system that businesses benefit from — unfettered capitalism.

Being a landlord, for example, is a business.

Most Landlords (and other businesses) should take their own advice: they need to tighten up their belts, pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, and take less profits.

They should stop going to Starbucks, get rid of their expensive phones, or look for a second job (same advice they give tenants struggling to pay rent).

In many cases, when faced with increasing costs, business owners and landlords raise rents and prices to maintain their lifestyles; boats, vacations, expensive hobbies, lavish lifestyles, etc.

Those same people look down upon poorer people with disdain saying, “if they can’t afford higher rents or prices, they should work harder, eat rice and…

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