Send Congress & SCOTUS your wire hangers! #hangerthem

Peacefully Protest by Expressing Your Disgust with Congress and the Supreme Court by mailing your coat hangers

Erik Blair



The coat hanger has long since been a symbol of a dark time in US History that most people don’t want to go back to. Today, fortunately, there are some states and some situations where women still have options. But as of today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe vs Wade, a women’s right to choose options is on a slippery slope to every-increasing limitations and outright elimination of their rights entirely.

We don’t want to go there.

By using the symbol of a coat hanger we’re not trying to unfairly fear monger, but rather awaken the public to a very real threat to women’s rights.

As the crisis is unfolding, there will be protests and people will be upset. There are several ways to immediately express how you feel about this. This brief article is suggesting you might consider at very least two ways to protest the SCOTUS ruling on 6–24–2022. This article is just one way to get started.

  1. Change your social media profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to something like this:
Feel free to copy and share this one if you like

2. Consider collecting all your coat hangers and mailing one hanger to each member of Congress and each member of the Supreme Court.

The address of the Supreme Court is:

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

You can find the addresses of individual members of the House of Representatives here:

You can find the addresses of individual members of the Senate here:

The general address for the House of Representatives is:

U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

3. A simple hashtag or two when you share this story would help others keep track. I recommend #hangerthem and #roevswade or something like that.

If you need to obtain wire coat hangers, you might try your local thrift store. You can also ask your neighbors, family or friends for hangers.

If you have no other way to get hangers, you can try buying them on Amazon here:

Thank you.