Thank you for the thought provoking article. I think the failure of liberalism and the so-called, “Left” is the fact they haven’t accomplished anything significant for the majority of Americans in 40 years. Oh sure there have been some small strides like marriage equality, but overall, the big elephant in the room — the American Dream — has been lost in a sea of economic slavery.

And the “party of the people” has been helping to maintain the corporatocracy that continues to control our government and writes policies for congress. Yes, they have pretended to care and allegedly they have been “trying” to do great things, but alas, we got nothing to show for it.

The two-party system inherently divides us rather than brings us together. The ideologies of the right and the left further provide a willing target for stagnancy and labels and masks their inability, or unwillingness, to accomplish anything significant. Sadly, I see people “unsubscribing” from this artificial society quicker than Facebook gains new profiles. And for good reason.

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