The Far left in the USA isn’t dreaming of a Luxurious Communism or anything close to that.

Assumption one is correct — in terms of technology, anyway. Most jobs will be automated or robotics will do most jobs, and soon. Soon, in terms of technological innovation. The ability to accomplish full and complete labor replacement is not only possible in the next 10 years, but it is also highly likely compared to where we were 10 years ago. Whether the unfettered capitalist can profit in the brave new world is the only major stumbling block to this automated utopia.

Assumption three is also correct. Most people do NOT want to work given the definition of work in an unfettered capitalist daily grind. The concept of “work” for the sake of pride and self-respect has long been extinct in the US due to the entrenched greed-based capitalist concepts that persuade people to take advantage of others for profit; and to risk everything for wealth, including honor, dignity, compassion, community, country, and even family. If you ask the right set of questions to just about anyone working 40+ hours a week whether they are doing the kind of work they enjoy or are satisfied by, you’ll get a lot of “well not really”. If you ask, “if you could pursue work that you really enjoyed with flexible hours and make the same amount of money but work fewer hours a week, and fewer days a month, would you?” — you’d get nearly unanimous and resounding — “hell yes!”.

I agree that few people actually want a Utopian Communism. But they definitely want something much better than we have now. And that something is entirely possible.

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