The first step is admitting we have a problem: unfettered capitalism is the problem

Erik Blair
2 min readApr 14, 2022

The root cause of most problems people are facing is a growing disparity between how much a person can earn and how much the cost of living is.

Most of the incidents of people resorting to nonconformity or failing to follow the norms in society stem from an inability to deal with wage and income shortcomings.

The shortage of money among the economic bottom 50% of the US Population is due largely to the broken capitalist system that focuses on profits over people.

The other problem with our economic system is the cost of living. It’s the other place where businesses and the financial sector force the ever-increasing demand for higher and higher profits every quarter. Rents, products and services, food, water, fuel, energy, transportation, communication, education, etc.

These two problems play tug-o-war with people every day — pulling us apart. One side demands more rent, more money for gas, everything costs more at the store… and the other side says they cut your hours or can’t pay you to take a sick day.

The way unfettered capitalism forces people to struggle on the verge of collapse is unsustainable, and corporations apparently can’t self regulate. Thus, they gave up on even pretending they cared about people and are now driving the whole country into the ground at any cost.

This is why we have homeless, stress, sadness, drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, political unrest, shootings, theft, looting, protests, anger, frustration, suicide, domestic violence, apathy…

If you want to fix those things you need to start by admitting what the real cause is.

Unfettered capitalism is the real cause.

Erik Blair

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