The “Lesser of Two Evils” is Voter Bullying

Fraudulently claiming voters must vote for one of two unacceptable candidates presented to voters by the artificial Two-Party System is coercion and voter intimidation

Erik Blair
10 min readJun 30, 2022

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Democracy is when you Vote for the Greater Goods, not the Lesser Evil.

Every national election we go through the same divisive, two-party browbeating, fear mongering, vote shaming, and bullying in the media, on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It’s the national election practice of scare tactics and extortion coming from both parties and their respective pundits, politicians, and the masses of duped proletariat who can often be found licking boots of their favorite candidates.

The result is tens of millions of voters voting under duress instead of willing participants in democracy. The fact is that US Citizens are not required by law to vote, and the two-party system is suspect at best. In the face of a system that doesn’t actually care about you — find alternatives.

The Psychological Warfare of Two-Party Propaganda

Decades of sociological and psychological ‘experts’ have probably contributed to the waxing of two-party propaganda which has long intended to dupe the people into one singular behavior — voting for their candidates.

Each party, of course, has a plan. Each their own book of dirty tricks; a virtual encyclopedia of reactions by voters determined by data scientists who can pull a rabbit out of any hat on a whim. They unleash all manner of news and information, research and reports, to whatever public media outlet will blast the propaganda the furthest. This begins a chain of events intended to force a reaction that eventually presents the voter with a task they must perform — vote.

You see, you even agree with that. You were thinking, “yup, that’s the right thing to do”. Many a fool has thought the same in history buy taken the action only to one day regret it. Take the many Trump supporters who regret voting for him. Sure, there isn’t many, but those that do once though he was a great leader. They were fed countless hours of…

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