The “Official” Economic Indicators are Bogus! Unemployment Rate, Jobs Report, the Market— All Propaganda!

How most Americans are duped into believing the many Wall Street lies intended to lull investors and fool the public into complacency about our Main Street economic crisis

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What is the Unemployment Rate, really?

Let’s do the math (because nobody does apparently).

BLS Data (b for bullshit)

Census Data (makes no sense)

The Actual Unemployment Rate Calculations Minus the Propaganda

Recap: The Unemployment Rate in the USA is 21%

Labor Force Participation Rate (wtf?)

What is the Jobs Report?

Population Growth Demands More “Jobs”

What’s considered a Job today really isn’t a job by definition

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Wait, WTF is the Jobs Report — I still don’t get it?!

Why we don’t hear much about the Cost of Living?

The Subtle Art of Incremental Portioning

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Unofficial Cost of Living Reports

What is the Rate of Poverty?

What are these miracle Trade Jobs?

What is this “working harder” thing?

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Why do people care about the “official” economic indicators anyway?

Main Street Economics

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