Twitter responds to Trump’s 4th of July Speech, The Continental Airlines of 1775, and the Battle of White Planes

How Republicans instantly believed there were airports 128 years prior to the invention of airplanes — as told by Twitter

One of the best ways to overcome the pain and frustration of politics today is to laugh about it. At least it beats crying. And Twitter provides!

Call-sign: Cherry Tree

Of course I remember Continental Airlines!

Who knew that the 1851 painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” was brushed by Emanuel Leutze from his Prius on Grand Central Parkway.

Fort Newark

The teleprompter did it!

Storming the airport, the Continental Army “took over the airports”.

Paul Revere chimes in…

Take it from George himself…

Dearest letters to loved ones…

Tea and crumpets…

The White House released historic painting that had been kept secret for 240 years.

The short video clip itself…

The dreaded rebuttal to the teleprompter excuse…

British Airways are coming, British Airways are coming…

I’ll take a double, please…

The glorious siege at Pan Am!

Rare footage indeed…

You can clearly see the airports on this handy map…

Please enjoy searching the bounty of joyous tweets at these trending hashtags:

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