Vote Shaming & Election Bullying

Saying “this election might be our last” or “this is the most important election in your lifetime” or “people died so you can vote” is total bullshit!

Erik Blair
6 min readOct 12, 2022


Photo by Mirah Curzer on Unsplash

Vote shaming and election bullying is when you post something threatening that makes unsubstantiated claims that if everyone doesn’t vote something terrible will happen. Which suggests that if everyone voted something good will happen — despite historic evidence that good things aren’t happening and haven’t happened since the 80s.

In this article we are discussing Voting and Vote Shaming in National Elections, not local elections for your School Board or County Council. We’re also not talking about ballot measures or state recall elections. National Elections include candidates for President, House of Representatives, or Senators.

The Right to Vote Facts

Let’s start off by getting the facts straight about voting in National Elections.

  1. Voting is not required by law and the effects of voting are questionable at best. Voting is a privilege, and a choice, not a legal requirement. So when someone says “you must vote” that’s vote shaming.
  2. How a person votes is a very private thing. And so is whether or not…