Warren already admitted that she’s courting Wall Street donors for the General Election because her “no corporate money” campaign ends when the primary is over. She’s looking forward to accepting corporate money starting day one of the general election.

And actually, Warren and Bernie don’t have the same policy positions. That’s a convenient myth that the Warren camp wants progressives to think. Warren, for example, isn’t for 100% student debt forgiveness, and she’s also no for 100% medical debt forgiveness either. Even her support for Medicare for All is ambiguous because she often says the way it’s implemented is important, and she wants to make sure it’s ‘affordable for all’. Which means she isn’t planning on a Medicare for all with zero out of pocket for the recipients. She’s planning fee-based medicare for all.

I like Warren. I agree she is brilliant, incredible good in a debate, and she’s at least on paper got the right idea. But she’s no Bernie Sanders.

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