Which way you Voted in 2020 depends on your Character and Intelligence

It comes down to moral deal breakers and the ability to grasp basic facts and reason

The horribly failed two-party system has given us yet another “lesser of two evils” situation — by design. I say “horribly failed” because “we the people” should prevail in a democratic primary, and not the will of corporate interests. But that’s what we got after the last two primaries in both parties. Corporate Centrists who are pro-corporations over people.

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Lesser of Two Evils, again

Whenever there’s a ‘lesser of two evils’ scenario, you know corporate interests are enjoying a ‘greater of two goods’ situation for themselves. Those who aren’t struggling to survive in the worst economy since the Great Depression, and the worst pandemic since the Bubonic Plague, suggest “it is what it is”. Those with the privilege to accept the slow agonizing incrementalism that is American Governance and Politics are fine with kicking the can down the road with yet another centrist do-nothing presidency and congress. The temporarily embarrassed millionaire middleclass that inhabit both parties blissfully enjoy their positions of power above the dregs in society and don’t fear poverty, crime, oppression, or lack of freedom. So they are happy with the status quo. And that’s what the establishment democrats hope to continue at all costs.

The republicans are currently desperate and throwing their hail Mary, double-downing on everything and anything they can, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing so long as it supports Trump’s re-election. They simply don’t care. They’re all-in for Trump because that’s the best they have. They have no plans, no new ideas, no moral high ground, no intelligent strategies — they have nothing but hate and division and a heavy dose of propaganda and misinformation. So republicans hope to continue their only horse in the race at all costs.

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Trump vs. Biden, unfortunately

Unfortunately, this election reduces the decision down to rudimentary voter qualifications — mainly because both candidates are the least qualified to lead the most prosperous republic in the world during an economic crisis and an international pandemic. Nobody else is seriously running for the office of the president. Everybody knows that either Biden or Trump will be the president after this election is decided. So voting for some other candidate is basically not participating in the most historic election in modern history. Sitting this one out is unacceptable!

Despite the shitty job the media, the two parties, and the government has done to educate the public, this election comes down to only two factors:

1. The moral character of the voter.

2. The intelligence of the voter.

Those voting for Biden are actually voting for the hope of a better country for most people, and those for Trump are voting for control by their ideological perspective, not any actual improvement for most people. Morally, Biden voters are looking for an end to the divisive, embarrassing, elitist, egotistical, hate-driven, corrupt administration, and Trump voters are ignoring the past 4 years of mismanagement, undemocratic, corrupt non-leadership and are looking to prevent democrats from taking office so that they can gloat and pretend American is better off misogynistic, racist, divided, greedy, corrupt, and morally reprehensible. Support for one candidate is morally acceptable.

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Trump is the Greater Evil, Biden is the Temporary Evil

Those voting for Biden are generally looking at the evidence that Trump, his administration, and republicans have lost touch with the interests of the majority of the public, and Biden voters grasp the mountain of evidence proving that the country is in worse condition now because of Trump’s poor leadership.

Those voting for Trump have dramatically hyper focused their information sources to highly questionable and proven false and misleading sources of information, and they’ve double downed on ignorant positions and false assertions countless times during the last 4 years.

Most Biden voters realize he’s not the perfect candidate, but that he’s better than Trump. Republicans have their own similar take when they say, “he speaks his mind” when confronted by something Trump has said that’s a lie, embarrassing, or unprofessional. Republicans are even voting against their own interests in many cases because they can’t connect the dots and don’t have any other options.

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Most Trump voters are pretending that the first four years of a disaster economy and the poor handling of the pandemic isn’t Trump’s fault. Democrats are also ignoring Biden’s past history of bad voting record and poor ideas. Because Trump is seen as an existential threat to democracy and the country, Biden can really do no wrong and still get nearly 100% support among most democrats and progressives — because there’s truly no other option.

Trump has proven that he’s unfit to be president in many ways. He’s admitted that he does not intend to represent the entire country, just his base. He’s shown numerous times that he’s all about himself, not others. He’s selfish and seeks to profit from everything he does. He was impeached and continues to conduct himself and his administration with impunity. Supporting his re-election means you approve of his conduct over that of Biden’s past performance.

Biden, on the other hand, has done some bad things for this country, such as the Crime Bill. His possible connection with Hunter Biden’s dealing in other countries is also suspect. But even if true, Biden’s record is still a vast improvement over Trump’s proven record of corruption and poor leadership.

This means that, generally, the smarter and morally correct people are voting for Biden, and the less intelligent, morally questionable people are voting for Trump.

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Regardless of who wins this election…

…we need to fix this endless pro-corporate cycle of letting corporate interests select candidates during the primary. That way we might one day overcome the low voter turn out and actually be able to vote FOR a candidate instead of against the candidate we dislike the most. Fixing our two party system isn’t going to be easy, but with a Biden presidency it’ll be a lot simpler to accomplish it sooner. With a Trump re-election it’ll be all about Trump for four more years (or more).

Meanwhile, we still have a lot of people that need to learn the importance of knowledge, science, and understanding the difference between propaganda and truth. We still need to help tens of millions of people grasp what it means to have sound moral character. There’s a lot of work to be done, and instead of focusing on Trump’s latest Tweets, I look forward to Sleepy Joe letting Kamala run the show for 4–8 years so the rest of us can convince the do-nothing congress to actually accomplish great things again.

Ultimately, with less than two weeks before the election, it comes down to whether you have the ability to grasp the truth about Trump, Trump’s record, and what his Administration has done these past four years. And whether you think the racism, hate mongering, division, lack of leadership, lack of professionalism, and a complete failure to represent the people and protect Americans from the economic collapse and the pandemic, are deal breakers.

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