Why I’m running for President of the United States in 2024

The People’s Candidate: Ready To Take Bold Action to Transform America and Crush the Corporatocracy!

Erik Blair
10 min readMar 18, 2023


Our country is at a historic crossroads, and I stand before you today as an ordinary citizen concerned about our future. As your next president, I am committed to bringing about meaningful change that benefits every American.

My progressive vision focuses on government and economic reform, alleviating poverty, and creating a sustainable and pollution-free society. I am driven by a genuine desire to serve the public, not by personal gain or corporate interests.

As a leader, I will prioritize diplomacy over warfare and only resort to military action in defense of innocent lives. I am determined to challenge the status quo and right the wrongs of past administrations, pushing our nation towards progress without getting caught in political games.

Believing in science and the power of innovation, I will champion decisive action and sustainable development, dismantling obsolete systems and embracing effective solutions.

As an independent candidate, I am unencumbered by party lines. I am not perfect, but my diverse experiences have shaped me into a relatable and grounded individual. From my military service and law enforcement career to my upbringing in a humble family, I understand the struggles that ordinary Americans face.

The president’s primary responsibility, as outlined in the Constitution, is to serve the people. My commitment is to uphold this duty by surrounding myself with capable advisors and leaders, ensuring that our government works tirelessly in pursuit of a brighter future for all.

Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

Bold Actions for a Better America

The American people deserve bold, transformative action to address the pressing issues we face. As your president, I am committed to taking decisive executive actions that align with progressive values and bring about meaningful change.

I am proud to share with you some of my priorities. This list highlights key initiatives that I will champion without delay, reflecting our shared vision for a brighter, more equitable future. It’s just the beginning.

  1. Decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.
  2. Strengthen whistleblower protections for government employees.
  3. Drop the charges against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, and other whistleblowers.
  4. Review and reform federal sentencing guidelines for non-violent drug offenses, and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.
  5. Promote renewable energy and sustainability initiatives within federal agencies, and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.
  6. Implement bold transparency initiatives for government agencies, and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.
  7. Advocate for net neutrality and internet accessibility.
  8. Expand support for mental health and addiction treatment programs within federal agencies and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.
  9. Launch initiatives for criminal justice reform within the executive branch, and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.
  10. Establish a task force to identify and assess the avenues through which corporations have gained influence over government, and implement measures to reduce their ability to sway Congress and elections.
  11. Encourage open data sharing and public access to government-funded research.
  12. Oversee a thorough review of election law compliance by all members of Congress, ensuring transparency and adherence to legal guidelines.
  13. Review and reevaluate the government’s stance on international human rights issues.
  14. Strengthen anti-corruption measures within the executive branch, and compel states to follow suit or risk losing federal funding.

Vision for the Future

As your president, I will establish dedicated committees tasked with the crucial responsibility of persuading and, when necessary, demanding Congress to take decisive action on the important goals outlined in “Vision for the Future.”

Congress must act boldly on these issues, and my job as your president will be to hold them accountable if they fail to do what is right for our nation. Together, we will ensure progress and a better future for all Americans.

  1. Healthcare reform: Implementing universal healthcare to ensure all citizens have access to affordable, quality medical care, while addressing the rising costs of prescription drugs.
  2. Education: Improving public education, eliminating all existing educational debt, and advocating for free higher education and vocational training wherever possible to increase accessibility and empower future generations.
  3. Income inequality and economic mobility: Addressing the widening wealth gap and promoting policies that ensure equal opportunity for all citizens, including the creation of a minimum wage that automatically adjusts to the cost of living index to keep up with inflation and maintain a living wage.
  4. Climate change: Taking bold, decisive action to hold polluters accountable and implement comprehensive policies that dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate investment in clean, renewable energy sources, as we work together to combat the urgent threat of global warming.
  5. Immigration: Reforming immigration policies to create a fair, humane, and efficient system that addresses the needs of both immigrants and the nation.
  6. Infrastructure: Making bold investments in the modernization and maintenance of the nation’s roads, bridges, public transportation, water systems, and broadband networks to improve our current infrastructure, while taking a forward-thinking approach to ensure we never fall behind again.
  7. Civil rights and social justice: Taking a strong stance against all forms of violence, including police violence, while advocating for the rights of marginalized communities, including racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. We will protect citizens’ rights and hold those who violate them accountable, leaving no room for tolerance of any kind of discrimination or injustice.
  8. Criminal justice reform: Addressing mass incarceration, police brutality, and racial disparities in the criminal justice system.
  9. National security: Redefining our approach to defense, shifting focus away from outdated methods of military expansion and towards smart, high-tech solutions that benefit our country’s progress and development. We will no longer be the global bully and instead work to strengthen the United Nations, allowing it to take on a greater role in maintaining international peace and security. Additionally, we will place greater emphasis on diplomacy and humanitarianism, all while maintaining strong strategic alliances with our international partners.
  10. Veterans affairs: Honoring our nation’s heroes by ensuring they receive the care, support, and resources they deserve to transition successfully to civilian life. Our ultimate goal is universal healthcare for all, starting with our veterans who should be able to access the care they need at any hospital in the country, free of charge.
  11. Gun control and safety: Taking proactive measures to reduce gun violence by enacting common-sense gun safety laws that respect Second Amendment rights, while also ensuring that firearms are owned only by responsible individuals who are mindful of the safety of themselves and their communities. This includes the testing, registration, insurance, and licensing of firearm ownership, similar to the process for auto registration, to help ensure the safe use and ownership of firearms.
  12. Preparing for a future with Universal Basic Income (UBI): Anticipating the potential impact of automation and robotics on job displacement and evaluating the implementation of a UBI system.
  13. Taxation on automation and robotics: Developing new tax policies that target the use of automation and robotics in industries to address potential job losses.
  14. Addressing corporate tax havens: Implementing measures to close loopholes and discourage the use of overseas tax havens by corporations seeking to shelter their profits.
  15. Wall Street transaction taxes: Introducing taxes on financial transactions to promote economic stability and generate revenue.
  16. Taxation on fractional reserve banking profits: Developing new tax policies targeting profits from fractional reserve banking practices.
  17. Progressive taxation for the wealthy: Reforming the tax system to ensure that the wealthiest individuals contribute their fair share, reducing income inequality and promoting economic mobility.
  18. Senior care and retirement: Ensuring that our seniors can retire with dignity and financial security by enhancing and protecting Social Security, Medicare, and retirement savings programs.
  19. Indigenous rights: Addressing longstanding injustices faced by Native American communities, including issues such as land rights, healthcare, and education.
  20. Media transparency: Promoting transparency and accountability in media, by addressing issues such as media consolidation, journalistic integrity, and fact-checking.
  21. Fighting disinformation: Protecting the integrity of our elections and public discourse by addressing issues such as foreign interference, propaganda, and fake news, and finding ways to ensure the truth is available to the public.
  22. Banking reform: Ensuring the safety and security of Americans’ bank deposits by protecting them with 100% backing from the FDIC, regardless of the amounts.
  23. Consumer protection: Protecting Americans from fraudulent activities and ensuring that they are not subjected to unwarranted fees or charges against their accounts, through strong consumer protection measures.

These 23 critical issues require bold and decisive action, and as your President, I will work tirelessly to advance these goals and hold our elected officials accountable to ensure progress is made. Together, we can create a better future for ourselves, our children, and future generations, and I ask for your support as we move forward with this vision for a brighter future.

How We Plan to Pay for Our Vision for America

Let’s talk about how we are going to pay for the bold initiatives that will move our country forward. We have discussed the key issues that we will tackle, from universal healthcare and education to climate change and income inequality. Now, it is time to address the question that is on everyone’s mind: how are we going to pay for it?

We will not shy away from this question. Instead, we will confront it head-on with a set of bold proposals. We will demand that the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, including new taxes on high-frequency Wall Street transactions, overseas corporate tax havens, fractional banking profits, and the use of automation and robotics. We will enforce existing corporate tax laws and implement a wealth tax on the top 1% of Americans.

In addition, we will explore innovative solutions, such as minting the coin and creating a public bank, to help finance our ambitious goals. We will also prioritize protecting bank deposits and ensuring that all Americans have access to financial security.

This is not about punishing success or stifling innovation. It is about ensuring that every American has access to the same opportunities, regardless of their income or background. We cannot continue to allow the wealthy and corporations to hoard their wealth while millions of hardworking Americans struggle to make ends meet.

We are not afraid of this challenge. We are ready to take bold action to create a fairer and more just society for all Americans. Together, we can build a future that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

To supplement our current sources of funding, the following list outlines how we will finance our vision.

  • Implementing a tax on high-frequency Wall Street transactions
  • Creating new taxes for overseas corporate tax havens and companies that shelter profits
  • Developing new taxes for fractional banking profits
  • Develop new taxes for the Federal Reserve
  • Developing new tax avenues that tax the use of automation and robotics
  • Enforcing corporate tax laws more effectively
  • Implementing a wealth tax on the top 1% of Americans
  • Levying a tax on carbon emissions and other pollutants
  • Ending tax breaks for offshore accounts and tax havens
  • Taxing stock buybacks by corporations
  • Implementing a progressive estate tax
  • Establishing a tax on automated production and AI technologies
  • Pursuing a creative and innovative approach to funding government programs, to pay down the national debt, including the possibility of minting high-value coins annually.

Together, we can ensure that our vision for a better future is fully funded and realized.

An Authentic Leader for a United Future

Leading the country is not brain surgery. But at 57, I am deeply concerned about our country’s direction and the government’s failure to serve its citizens. As president, I am determined to set things right.

My progressive vision encompasses government and economic reform, eradicating poverty, and fostering a sustainable, pollution-free society.

Here’s why I am the leader we need:

  • My goal is public service, not fame or fortune.
  • I refuse to let corporate interests dictate policy.
  • I am focused on the issues, not leisure activities or crony capitalism.
  • I abhor war and will use it only as a last resort to protect innocent lives.
  • I will challenge the status quo and rectify past mistakes, propelling our nation forward.
  • I advocate for bold, decisive action and the swift elimination of ineffective policies and poor governance.
  • I trust in science and possess above-average intelligence.
  • I have faced the same struggles as everyday Americans in our capitalist society.
  • I acknowledge my imperfections and the lessons learned from past mistakes.
  • Championing transparency and accountability in government.
  • Promoting global peace through respectful diplomacy, not intimidation.
  • Breaking the traditional political mold, holding Congress accountable for the people.

Being president is about serving the people, as outlined by the Constitution, and the Preamble provides a clear direction for our nation’s goals and aspirations.

I will surround myself with skilled advisors and leaders to ensure our government runs effectively, upholding its constitutional responsibilities.

I am an independent candidate with a diverse background, from military service and law enforcement to a childhood marked by real life circumstances, welfare, an ex-con father, and a spiritually driven, community activist mother. These real-life experiences have shaped me into a relatable and empathetic leader, ready to make a difference in our nation.

However, I cannot embark on this journey without your support. It is only when the people demand my leadership that I can truly represent you. I urge you to rise up and speak up, for your voice is my voice, and together we can bring about the change we so deeply desire.

If you made it this far, you are probably wondering if this is for real.

Most of us have never seen a candidate for president mention any of these things in such a bold statement. We may not all agree on all the issues or solutions, or how to pay for it all, but you have to admit you’re intrigued by the possibilities.

The explanation for the absence of candidates presenting such a platform is that, were they to do so, the corporate interests that wield significant influence in the electoral process and dominate the two-party system would impede the candidate’s efforts and thwart any chance of victory.

You see, that’s what’s missing in politics, elections and governance today.

Real tangible vision and leadership that boldly makes a solid stand for the people.

Back to the important question, is this a social experiment or a serious candidate for president with a very compelling platform?

Well, what story would you like to hear most?

The story of a dreamer who wanted to set things straight for the country and put people back in charge, or some guy who was looking for a free lunch by collecting donations.

What I can tell you is that I’m a dreamer.