Why You Should Join Medium’s Premium Membership Now (while there’s still time)!

Bonus: Why Medium Is The Better Social Media Platform.

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The Basic List of Medium’s Premium Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to all content
  • Rich comprehensive content on thousands of topics
  • Ability to Interact with Writers and Creatives
  • You can share your ideas and get feedback
  • You become a member of a more intellectual community
  • Medium is the smarter social media platform
  • Your Medium subscription supports writers you enjoy
  • You can earn money by becoming a contributor

Medium is better than a social media platform

Medium is a great alternative to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for in-depth, high quality content that you can interact with. Rather than consuming drivel about what someone ate for lunch, you can explore a much wider range of interesting topics from thousands of writers who are sharing fresh and comprehensive content. Medium is a better social platform for many reasons.

  • You can comment on articles and reply to comments
  • You can publish your own articles and posts
  • A portion of your subscription goes to the writers you read and interact with (unlike other social media platforms)

Medium is better than GoFundMe!

Your Medium Membership helps thousands of new writers get started. Your membership supports writers by reading what they write, and interacting with them. It’s better than GoFundMe or Kickstarter fundraisers because for your very small $5 monthly subscription you’re helping many unknown voices get heard and helping many to get paid for their creative work.

Medium is a Micro Business for people who enjoy writing

If you like sharing ideas, or writing about a topic, then Medium might be a game-changer for you! Some consider Medium a therapeutic hobby of sorts, but for many, Medium is a micro-business.

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