Why You Should Retire In Thailand Right Now (2024)

The 6 most important reasons why Thailand is ideal for retirees and expats in 2024

Erik Blair
15 min readSep 28, 2022


Photo by Evan Krause on Unsplash

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In this article I’ll cover some of the reasons why Thailand is ripe for those who are able to retire there right now. I will also explain why I’m letting the secret out and help you decide whether Thailand is a right-fit for you (or whether you are right for Thailand).

1. Thailand is Full of Wonderful People

Thailand is world-renowned for the warm and welcoming nature of the Thai people. The people and the government actively strive to maintain that status in nearly every aspect of Thai society.

What most people visiting or living in Thailand say when asked what they like most about Thailand is the people. This is evident in the many stories and videos about the kindness and happiness of the Thai people.

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles for many reasons. First impressions are important in Thailand, as are “saving face”.

Saving Face is not easily described. But I liked this description of “saving face”, “We in the west would call reputation, prestige, honour and social standing. Face is all about being polite, considerate, inoffensive and unobtrusive. There is a saying here in Thailand, actually it’s more than a saying, “kreng Jai” “(sometimes spelt “Greng Jai”) is deeply rooted in Thai culture, being kreng jai is to be polite and respectful and avoid loss of face for oneself or another person.” — Darren, British Expat in Thailand.

But there’s much more to Thai culture that merely smiling or saving face. There are countless examples of how amazing the Thai people are. You can find an endless amount of videos and articles telling the story of western travelers who got lost or stranded only to be saved by a Thai local who went way out of their way to help. By contrast to the Thai culture, many western countries are so hurried and selfish-oriented they put blinders on to avoid helping anyone at all costs.

When deciding to retire to a foreign country, it’s important to find somewhere you will feel welcome. Thailand might…