You had me up until you wrote this, “ Cascading stock prices might seem like a random crisis if you’ve been paying attention to the overall economy, which is booming. At 3.7 percent, the official unemployment rate is the lowest of this century. Job satisfaction is at its highest level in more than a decade. Small-business and consumer confidence hit record highs this year.”

  1. The economy is not booming. Despite your suggestion we not say that the stock market isn’t the economy, it isn’t the economy. Wall Street is as far from Main Street as the nearest Galaxy. The “economy” as ‘economists’ like to call it, is a very complex beast, as you know. The meat and potatoes of that dish is grown, harvested, loaded, shipped, received, delivered, stored, prepared, cooked, and served by 99% of the public. Wall Street and Wealthy Shareholders eat most of that meal and the 99% get the fucking table scraps. So the part that economists call the economy is like a Yelp review of how the service was and how the meal tasted written by a rich critic. It’s basically not worth paying attention to. The real economy is how well the 99% are doing.
  2. Unemployment is NOT 3.7 percent. That’s a myth perpetrated by the government that is in cahoots with Wall Street to fool the masses into thinking everything is gravy. It’s not! They don’t even count 66 million people that are without jobs and have not been able to find work for longer than a year. Add those 66 million back into the equation for a much better figure. The last two decades have also seen a massive shift from full time good paying jobs to part time poor paying jobs. That fact doesn’t reflect on either the unemployment numbers nor do economists mention that when discussion ‘the economy’. Just as important is the fact that the cost of living has skyrocketed at an average rate of 6% every year since 1976. Wages and Earnings of the bottom 80% have been stagnant every since despite industry wide productivity and corporate profits going up astronomically during the same period. Unemployment is the false narrative of fools.
  3. Job Satisfaction at its highest level? Are you kidding? That’s such a damn lie that it’s difficult to take you seriously. If you ask someone that has a job of course they’re going to say they are happy to have a job, but that doesn’t mean they are satisfied with their job. Nearly 95% or more, in my estimation, of all hourly wage earning Americans would immediately quit if they could find better opportunities. If job satisfaction was really high, that would be 50% or lower. But the truth is that the term “job satisfaction” is yet another bullshit propaganda tool used to lull the masses into submission is our economic slavery.
  4. Consumer confidence and small business confidence hitting record highs? Again, that’s a joke! The Federal Reserve just came out and said more people are spending less. We all know that’s because they have less, but it also means there’s no confidence in spending (consuming). Giant corporations have been pushing small businesses out of the market for decades, and all the factors that make our country a booming market for small business, like low cost overhead, cheap energy, and affordable commercial rents are ridiculously unaffordable. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking to find alternatives to traditional business practices, including going overseas, going without brick and mortar, living abroad, or they’re opting to work for corporations rather than compete against them. The economic woes of the country have stifled small business and business startups despite the bogus propaganda suggesting otherwise. Sure, there are a lot of people trying to start their own businesses, but that’s because they have 2–3 jobs already and still can’t pay the bills.

No offense to you, but the United States is on the brink of a complete collapse of several critical systems; peak national debt, worldwide war, credit card debt, student debt, banking quantitative easing and fractional accounting issues, Federal Reserve manipulation, corporate-government corruption, the police state, political party corruption, economic class-ism, peak water supply, peak oil, peak agriculture, housing crisis, health crisis, massive unreported poverty, failing infrastructure, lack of safety nets, and several environmental disaster looming.

Best of luck to you.

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